Monday, 23 July 2012

Scrapbook pages from April's crop

Blown In

Snow Much Fun
Luke 's Flowers

I got to attend an evening at my friend Alanna's crop way back in the spring. Which was a great time! Then,  not long after I took pictures of the layouts I finished (without uploading them, of course) my camera disappeared. My youngest munchkin was taking pictures and conveniently "disappeared it". My oldest, on his birthday, no less, made it appear again. Magic DOES happen in this house! So now I've added a few photos to my computer's memory in hopes of not losing them again!

So. Here are the three layouts I finished that spring evening! "Blown In" tells a bit of the story of how we were snowed in for 4 days, yes 4! A good friend helped get us "un-snowed", but within 1.5 hours, we were blown in again! What a crazy time!

"Snow Much Fun" is all about exactly behind Dad's quad...especially on a snow-rider! Of course, just because there's one boy riding, doesn't mean there shouldn't be 3 more on the quad with Dad. Right? Of course! Can't do anything around this place without at least 3 spectators!

Luke's of my favorite photos of my youngest munchkin. I had been given flowers for my birthday and he needed to smell them. Love the way he used to smell things...big breath in (through the mouth), then a big blow out the nose! Awfully cute!

Have a great day!


  1. I love you scrapbook pages. Especially the Blown In pages. They are beautiful.

    1. Thx! They were fun to scrap, but the experience was a lil bit frightening!


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