Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Losing A Friend...

Well, hello again! It's been awhile...

Our lives have been changed in the last week or so. Our good friend and camper, Bill Cove, passed away suddenly last Tues morning. Bill was a very good friend, both to my husband and I, and to all 4 of my boys. Kakut Lake will never be the same without his smiling face and helping hands. He will be missed. Not only by our family, but by many in our community as well as the campers who knew him so well.

Our favorite "resident" campers... even in the snow!

So, with the week filled with my own family happenings as well as Bill's family happenings, I haven't been online much. My stamp-a-stack date has been changed to Nov. 7th at 7pm. Please RSVP asap to reserve a spot!

And... another sad happening... my camera got dropped! So, I have no photos to share. I've been trying to make a few projects for a "home show" which I was asked to attend on Nov. 5th. Wish me luck, as I haven't been to a crafty kind of event like this in years! I will try to post pics when I can.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for something new!

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  1. I am sorry for your loss, Jenn! My husband Russ and I are "seasonal" campers also (Tuxbury Campground in South Hampton, NH), so know that strong relationships grow with neighbors there! Thanks for joining my blog as a follower--I did the same. I love that I could subscribe by e-mail, too. I find that a great reminder! Best of luck blogging...you seem a natural! Kay


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